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Meet the Board

One Darlington Partnership Board meet bi-monthly to identify issues and opportunities facing Darlington and promote action to address them.

This is a relatively informal body that draws together groups and individuals from across the Borough. Some of the organisations are beneficiaries of the Partnerships work, whilst others contribute time and talent to it. Most of the people involved do it because they can see their work contributing towards a better Darlington. Importantly, the Partnership has no statutory or legal powers - it's strength and ability to make things happen comes from the combined will of all those who participate.

The Partnership has two formal bodies that guide and organise its work:

The One Darlington Board: It's a relatively large body that represents four key 'faces' of the Borough: public sector bodies for the likes of health, education and policing; community groups; the voluntary sector and business. The Board sets the Partnership's objectives and priorities and, every 2 months, it's meeting provides an opportunity for all parts of the community to debate a wide range of issues and agree actions. 

The Executive of the Partnership is a much smaller body that meets monthly and looks after the management of the Partnership in that it deals with 'what are we doing', 'who's doing it' and 'when will it be done'! Once again, all 4 'faces' of the Borough are represented and you can see who sits on the Executive by visiting the Executive page here.

020 Meeting Dates

Date of Meeting Location
Wednesday 5th February 2020  To be confirmed
Wednesday 1st April 2020  To be confirmed
Wednesday 1st July 2020  To be confirmed

Last updated 18/06/19

Board Members 

Elected Members

Name Position
 Heather Scott   Leader of the Council
 Stephen Harker  Leader of the Opposition
 Lorraine Tostevin  Councillor and Cabinet Member for Housing, Health and Partnerships. Also Representing Darlington Association of Parish Councils. 
 Paul Cruddass  Councillor and Cabinet Member, Children and Young People Portfolio
 Jenny Chapman   Honorary Member

Voluntary and Community Sectors

Name Position
 Neil Campling  Community Representative
 Jan Cossins  Community Partnerships Representative
 Chelsea Johnson  Programme Officer, Darlington Cares
 Rita Lawson  Chief Officer, Tees Valley Rural Community Council
 Simon Davidson  Chief Executive, Age UK North Yorkshire & Darlington
 Mohammed Quader     Chair, Islamic Society Representing Faith Groups
 Michelle Thompson  Chief Executive, Healthwatch
 Glenis Harrison  Firthmoor Community Centre

Private Sectors

Name Position
 Rachel Anderson  Head of Policy and Representation, NECC
 Simon Crowe  Owner / Director, Niven Architects
 Ryan Fenwick  The Northern Echo
 Andrew Craddock  Chief Executive, Darlington Building Society
 Alasdair MacConachie   Chair of Darlington Partnership
 John McGovern  Head of Asset Investment, Northumbrian Water
 Charlotte Nichols  Owner, Harvey & Hugo Ltd


For any queries, please contact

Public Sector

Name Position
 Jo Farrell
Chief Constable, Durham & Darlington Constabulary
 Michelle Cooper Chief Executive, County Durham Community Foundation (CDCF)
 Miriam Davidson Director of Public Health, Darlington Borough Council
 Stuart Errington
Chief Officer, Durham & Darlington Fire & Rescue Service
 Adrian Green Chief Superintendent, Durham & Darlington Constabulary
 Ron Hogg Durham Police Crime & Victims Commissioner
 Sue Jacques Chief Executive, Darlington Memorial Hospital
 Neil O'Brien Chief Clinical Officer, CCG
 Suzanne Joyner Director of Children & Adult Services, Darlington Borough Council
 James Keating 11 – 19 Group Representative
 Seth Pearson Director of Darlington Partnership
 Paul Robson Partner & Social Justice Manager - Darlington, Job Centre Plus
 Kate Roe Principal and Chief Executive, Darlington College
 Jane Turner Pro Vice Chancellor, Teesside University
 Paul Wildsmith Managing Director, Darlington Borough Council
 Nicola Bailey Chief Operating Officer, CCG
 Stephen Ball Chief Inspector, Durham & Darlington Constabulary
 Laura Woods Director, Teesside University