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More than 26 million pounds of tax credits, benefits and other entitlements goes unclaimed each year across the borough

Money which could be spent on supporting local families and businesses. The estimated impact of the missing #DarloMillions on the local economy is estimated to be in excess of £42 MILLION POUNDS a year.

Many families are entitled to cash from the Government but are unaware of their eligibility.

Could you be missing out?

It’s not just the unemployed who receive benefits, tax credits or other allowances. You, or people you know, could well be losing out on money that rightfully belongs to you. Even if you are in work, retired, or already in receipt of some tax credits or benefits, it is worth checking your family is not missing out.

To find out what you and your family may be entitled to please visit the;

* The calculator provides general information regarding benefit entitlement only. If you or anyone you know could be claiming for or has long term health problems or disabilities, we recommend that you seek advice.

Cash may be available for anyone in one or more of the following groups:

  • Families with dependent children, especially if you have a disabled child, a large family or you spend a lot on childcare.
  • Those who are out of work.
  • Anyone with an illness or disability.
  • Carers, guardians, pregnant women, recent parents, the widowed and the over-60s.
  • Those over 25 without children, working more than 30 hours a week and earning less than around £13,000 if single, or £18,000 in a couple.

If you, or anyone you know, meets one or more of these descriptions, you may well be one of the households in the borough missing out on the #DarloMillions and should check their entitlement ASAP.

Why are we encouraging people to apply for benefits?

There's still a stigma to claiming benefits, yet it’s worth bearing in mind that someone with a typical 40-year working lifespan, earning the roughly average £27,500 salary, in today's prices would pay almost exactly a quarter of a million pounds in tax and National Insurance.

SO…rather than benefits being a favour from the Government, they are actually better described as an entitlement contributed to in the good times, and repaid when you’re going through difficult times financially. Even if you believe there should be a different benefits system, or even none at all, having that belief doesn't prevent you from paying taxes so why should it stop you claiming the reciprocal benefit?

Many older people who are entitled to Pension Credit are not claiming it. Some, especially older pensioners, are not able to find this information due to lack of web access. If you know someone where that's the case, why not ask them if they've checked out their entitlement? If they haven’t then suggest they carry out the simple five-minute process for them to check they're not missing out.

What’s this about Universal Credit?

Universal credit is a new monthly benefit that replaces (or if not yet, soon will) six means-tested benefits: income support, income-based jobseeker's allowance, income-related employment and support allowance, housing benefit, child tax credit and working tax credit. It's designed for people both in and out of work.

What does it mean for you?

If you are NOT already claiming benefits or tax credits you are entitled to, then you need to check your entitlement and claim before Universal Credit Full Service is introduced in Darlington in June 2018 to ensure you receive the maximum amount you are entitled to.

If you ARE claiming benefits or tax credits then you need to make sure you are registered online so, once Universal Credit Full service is introduced, you don’t risk missing out on any payments if you have a change of circumstances.

Who could be losing out?

Anyone who is entitled to tax credits, benefits or related entitlements, such as Free School Meals, may lose out if they don’t check their benefits and allowances now. In particular, the following groups have been identified as particularly at risk of missing out on #DarloMillions:

Disabled people, carers, disabled workers and carers who themselves have a disability

If you or anyone you know meets this description, it is important to check current claims are correct so you get the optimum when the transfer to Universal Credit take place and get any Transitional Protection due.

To find out what you and you family may be entitled to please visit the;

Working families

Universal Credit will bring in a new £16,000 capital limit and may also reduce the amount families are able to claim. It is therefore important to check whether your family is entitled to any tax credits before Universal Credit full Service is introduced, to maximise your chances of being eligible and the amount you’re able to claim.

To find out what you and you family may be entitled to please visit the;

Families with disabled children

Check that you are getting the right allowances NOW including Disabled Living Allowance (DLA) to get any Transitional Protection when you move to Universal Credit.

To find out what you and you family may be entitled to please visit the;

Couples where one is over and one under pension age

Currently these households may be able to claim Pension Credit if they are on a low income. In future it will be  which may be less.

To find out what you and you family may be entitled to please visit the;

Self-employed with low income

Universal Credit will require more evidence of sustainable business earnings and set a Minimum Income Floor.

To find out what you and you family may be entitled to please visit the;