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In order to focus the work on the Partnership in a way that would create the most benefit to the Borough as a whole, the Darlington Partnership Board agreed in September 2011 that, in addition to oversight of the delivery of One Darlington: Perfectly Placed and support for ‘Darlington Together’, it would focus on only a limited number of ‘Action Priorities’.

It’s believed that, by delivering genuine and measurable change on specific issues, the Partnership’s work will have greater value and be more ‘visible’ to people who live and work in Darlington.

The issues chosen had to meet the criteria to be recognised as being of the highest priority.

  • was the impact of the issue measurably significant to Darlington as a whole
  • would the work involved rely on the contributions of all sectors (private, public, voluntary and community)
  • could a measurable impact be made in the short term (within a year)

The Partnership has identified developing a Good Neighbouring scheme to be its single priority for 2013-14.  To find out more about this priority and the work being done , please click through to the Good Friends page.

Domestic Violence: A Serious Concern for Business

Domestic Violence suffered by employees is an issue that employers need to take seriously with people taking time off and being less able to do their jobs when at work.  Apart from the cost this can place on a business it can also result in the loss of valuable employees. Sadly, there is frequently a spike in domestic violence around this time of year as Christmas places a strain on families.

Darlington Partnership has launched a campaign  to raise awareness of domestic violence with employers. The aim is to help employers recognise the signs of employees suffering domestic violence and to have policies in place to help them access help. Please read the attached leaflet to find out more by clicking on this link - Domestic Violence